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A MODEST PROPORSAL: FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE Personally I did not found arelation between these two values and Swift´s story, instead I found the lack there of.Because for me; fairness means being transparent and in the other hand justiceis the act of using this fairness into every aspect of our lives. All the story tells i show at that time in Ireland the upper class took advantage of the current situation (economic crisi and overpopulation), from these family so they could eat their children and turn their mother´s into breeding machines, having no empathy or sense of humanity, which is the completly the opposite of what these values stand for.This really showed how self centred and horrible people they were. I think the proposal Swift made was unffair for everyone, surely this was the hardest decisión these parents had to make, as I put myself in their shoes I can clearly see how at that time this solution seemed as the best opportunity for they children so they could get out this atr…

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